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With our 3-course menu, our chefs ensure that you can excite the whole company with a tasty dining experience after a minimum of kitchen preparation. See which days the menu suits you best

Every week Monday to Saturday we offer an exquisite 3 course Take Away menu with 1 cold dishes for only 338, - and a 4 course menu 398, - all packaged portion dishes and with Café Olai´s homemade, bread and butter. < / p>

With respect for the environment and the good ingredients, we have created a small selection of simple dishes that you can enjoy with those you love. I look forward to taking in Against You. Welcome and welcome.

Here we present our 6 day menu. Week 46

Monday, November 2, 2020


 Cafe Olai Helsingør

Thursday - Classic Wienerschnitzel of veal thighs from Grambogård, Peas Francaies, French Fries, Capers, Horseradish, Boneless Herring, Lemon And Butter Sauce 145, -

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Tuesday Farmer

Cafe Olai Take Away

3-course menu & quot; favorite & quot; 249, - pr. course

Wednesday, November 4, 2020


Cafe Olai Take Away Helsingør Wednesday

Saturday - Veal culotte from Grambogård (animal welfare) with Mushrooms a la Creme, fried Padron, small herb-baked Potatoes and Herb tomato 165, -

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Carina's own Andesteg

Cafe Olai Helsingør

Our chefs prepare the classic menu And make sure the skin Is crispy, the sauce flavored, the red cabbage spicy And the potatoes brown.

We prepare juicy duck And all the traditional accessories all over the country along With the soft risalamande And our homemade cherry sauce.

Friday, November 6, 2020


Cafe Olai Take Away

Friday - Tournedos - Danish organic Beef tenderloin with homemade Bearnaise And crispy fritters 175, -

Our mission Is To create joy With quality food, And our concept Is quite simple: Lemon And Butter Sauce 145, -

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Tuesday Farmer

Cafe Olai Take Away Helsingør Wednesday

Saturday - Veal culotte from Grambogård (animal welfare) with Mushrooms a la Creme, fried Padron, small herb-baked Potatoes and Herb tomato 165, -

Good food that Is homemade And prepared from the best ingredients On our own recipes. We offer food that Is known And loved by all generations. There Is great freedom Of choice, so you can Get exactly the dishes you Like best.

Sunday in the winter we have Closed

 Cafe Olai Take Away

Private gourmet dining
Do you want to replace the Christmas lunch with a 'Private dining' with yourself and of course taking into account the current Corona restrictions. - -
or If you want to circle extremely much for the dinner guests, but lack the time or inspiration, 'private dining' may be just the thing for you.

< We can arrange the best For example
Appetizer: Dom Pérignon, - 30 grams White Beluga caviar with freshly baked blinis, sour cream 48% and ivory spoons
Starter: Gratinated oysters with garlic, parsley and parmesan.
Chablis 1.CRU 2017
Main course: Wagyu Ribeye Japanese kobe, topped with a slice of French foie gras,
plus a cellar-cold Chateuneuf Du Pape Grande Reserve vintage 2014. - or a Pingus vintage 2008 that opens in your living room ½ hour before serving.
Dessert: Crepes suzette, flambéed in orange liqueur with a little extra Grand Marnier and served with delicious Italian ice cream.

one of our skilled head chefs delivers and serves when it suits you and the dishwasher does not leave until you can see we have been with you. - Talk to us about price and your wishes,
If you do not have cognac for the coffee, we can guide you in which one to buy. (of course we have an Espresso machine so your guests can choose just the coffee that suits them)

Price 8 Guests, serving Welcome at 18:00
Pingus opens at 18:30 for oxygenation.
Starter served At. 18: 45
Main course served Kl. 19: 45
Dessert at 20:30
Coffee at 21:15
The dishwasher prepares to go no later than kl. 23:30

Price if 2 fl. Pingus Year 2008 Kr. 23,569.00

Price with 3 fl. Chateuneuf Du Pape Grande Reserve vintage 2014. Kr. 18,569.00

For both menus, a Chef-Chef follows a waiter / 'Runner' and a serviceman who also does the dishes

We can Do it a little cheaper too. Tel 49 20 16 07

Take Away Clipboard

Gift card

Café Olai Helsingør

Smiling dining cut cards and drinks at grocery prices.
Buy a Clip Card with regular pick-up on fixed weekdays and get drinks at Grocery Prices.

The Christmas gift idea
In this time When we Do Not have the opportunity To Get out so much, it Is an extra great pleasure To receive a gift card For a wonderful experience. At Café Olai you can buy gift cards both For a specific experience And For an Optional amount. We are also happy To send the gift card To you. We offer free shipping On all gift cards over 500, -.

Take Away priser.
I forbindelse med Take Away - bestillinger er nedenstående drikkevarer rene 'købmandspriser

Cola Clasic  Nr: 1011  Tuborg Classic 33cl 4.6% Kr: 15,75 
Cola Clasic  Nr: 1014  Tuborg Pilsner 33cl 4.6% Kr: 14,50 
Cola Clasic  Nr: 1016  Coca-Cola Classic 50 cl Kr: 13,50 
Cola Clasic  Nr: 1018  Coca-Cola Zero 50 cl Kr: 13,50 
Cola Clasic  Nr: 1020  Fanta Orange, 50 cl Kr: 13,50 
Cola Clasic  Nr: 1024  Fanta Light, 50 cl Kr: 13,50 
Cola Clasic  Nr: 1028  Bergfeld - California Husets vin Rød 1/1 fl. Kr: 99,50 
Cola Clasic  Nr: 1029  Bergfeld - California Husets vin Hvid 1/1 fl. Kr: 99,50 

Take Away Only

Of course you can also choose from our large menu

Café Olai

Restaurant Cafe Olai
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The philosophy of the kitchen Is:
good ingredients And skilled chefs, then almost anything can be done, And the philosophy speaks the truth, And Is taken from ancient times.

Diner Transportable
Restaurant Café Olai Is happy To deliver the good food out Of the house For larger events, parties, receptions And the Like.

If you wish,
we can also provide both chef And wait staff, Then just think about having a nice day/evening.

We are happy To put together menus Or buffets right after your head, so feel free To contact us For a non-binding offer For your Next Event.

The virtual Christmas lunch
For those Of you who have completely canceled To meet For Christmas party this year, we recommend a virtual Christmas lunch. You can order Take Away from us, which your staff can Then pick up And take home, To themselves And perhaps their companion And here you can meet On screen.