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The Nordic cuisine

Noma is number one and the world's best three-michelin star restaurant run by chef rené redzepi. since opening in 2003 is noma has been recognized four times as the best in the world by the world's 50 best restaurants and now again in 2021.-with the new place, developed and built in partnership with Our world-renowned architect BIG-Bjarke Ingels group . 11 rooms are close together around the kitchen, which monitors the guest areas, including main and private dining rooms.

The World's Best Restaurant

noma København

Noma is number one and the best in the world
Denmark is the destination, crowned as the World's best food mecca 2021

The new Noma with chef René Redzepi Copenhagen has confirmed its reputation as the finest global eatery at the moment, after the World's top eateries finished in Copenhagen with first and second place in 2021, selected among the world's 50 best restaurants and took awards as the Oscars of gastronomy.
Noma as number 1 and Geranium right after.

At the prestigious award ceremony World's 50 Best Restaurants, which in 2021 took place in Antwerp, Belgium, restaurant Noma was named the world best, while Geranium took second place.

Architecture and gastronomy in a higher entity

noma Greater Copenhagen

The world's most talented architect and the world's best Restaurant in a higher device
Each building in the building is connected by glass-covered paths where chefs and guests can follow the changes in weather, daylight and seasons - making the natural environment an integral part of the culinary experience. Guests have the opportunity to walk through each of the surrounding buildings and experience a variety of Nordic materials and construction techniques: the grill is a giant walk-in cabin, and the lounge looks and feels like a giant, cozy fireplace made entirely of bricks inside and out.

The World's Best Restaurant 2021

René Redzepi's three Michelin star Noma has once again reached the top of the world 50 best restaurants, an appointment that attracts connoisseurs from at home and abroad. Only Noma in Copenhagen has been at the top of the list at four previous apartments.

A coveted experience
In the wake of the Michelin releases, Noma has experienced a real booking storm, where guests from both home and abroad will experience restaurant noma´s high gastronomic level.

Chef René Redzepis seems to have very special abilities, where nothing is forced or exaggerated.

At the prestigious award ceremony World's 50 Best Restaurants, which in 2021 took place in Antwerp, Belgium, restaurant Noma was named the world best, while Geranium took second place.

noma Copenhagen
is located in Copenhagen, Refshalevej 96 1432 Copenhagen
Phone: +45 3296 3297

Nordic cuisine has been on a heart-pounding rollercoaster journey over the past decade and today Denmark is among the World’s most innovative and exciting in the field of gastronomy. 

Locally sourced specialities, organic produce in a league of its own and a tribute to the concept of earth to plate and soil to soul has put Denmark firmly on the global culinary map. 

With some of the World’s best chefs, foodies and gastronomy enthusiasts, Denmark is leading the way, there’s an eye-popping array of fine foods to choose from.

Michelin-starred restaurants in Denmark

The Nordic cuisine is found in every corner of the country and you don’t have to search far and wide for an extraordinary experience. The capital Copenhagen and second city Aarhus (in Jutland) offer a combined total of no less than 18 Michelin-starred restaurants – among these the supreme Danish dining darling Noma (voted as best restaurant in the World, 2014), and the 3 newly honoured Michelin restaurants in Aarhus: Frederikshøj, Gastromé and Substans.

Traditionel Danish Lunch

In Denmark, lunch is usually a cold meal consisting of a few simply prepared pieces of Sandwiches (open rye-bread sandwiches) with slices of cold meat or fish.

The meal begins with fish, usually pickled herring (marinerede sild), or another herring dish. The herring is normally marinated either in a clear sweet, peppery vinegar sauce (white herring), or in a red seasoned vinegar (red herring). herring may also come in a variety of sour cream-based sauces, including a curry sauce which is very popular. The white herring is typically served on buttered, black rye bread, topped with white onion rings and curry salad (a sour-cream based sauce, flavored with curry and chopped pickles), and served with hard boiled eggs and tomato slices.

If you are visiting Denmark, you should probably see Denmark's biggest tourist attraction "Hamlet's Castle" in Elsinore, about 45 km. North of Copenhagen.
Many cruise ships visiting Elsinore every year to see Kronborg / Hamlet's castle and experience the 1500 century Hamlet's town of Elsinore, and learn more about Hamlet and why William Shakespeare chose Kronborg to the setting of the world famous Hamlet play.

If you are a guest on a cruise ship or otherwise visiting Elsinore, do not miss "a taste of Denmark" that you can experience authentic at a local restaurant in the Hamlet town of Elsinore, which serves Danish open sandwiches (Smoerrebroed),

Cafe Olai Elsinore
Restaurant Cafe Olai Elsinore

Forget for a single day's sake the great variety of food every day you get stopped by the cruise ship and drop in at the historic Café Olai in Elsinore

Café Olai opened the doors for the first time on 10 December 1987, and is today an institution in the city.

Café Olai reflects the old Elsinore in both atmusfære as decor, and even prices are for 1/4 century ago.

Café Olai have a well-kept renumé that goes far beyond the country's borders. Café Olai is one of the best places to eat in Elsinore, and discussed regularly in magazines Travel News and Globetrotter, as part of Elsinore's culture.

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 10.30 - 22.00
Saturday 10.00 to 22.00
Sunday 12.00 - 22.00
Kitchen closes 1 hour before, all day
Phone: 49 20 16 07


Café Olai is a sole proprietorship, owned by Tonny Parnel Tlf; 40 686843

 Ann-Carina Parnell  and Sonja Nielsen, both trained chefs and special shefs cold and hot, and is responsible for the daily operation and has always emphasized quality and good food at an affordable price.